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Solutions and Services

54 North was founded to provide retailers with industry-leading solutions designed to optimise their revenues and profitability while ensuring that customer acquisition and retention is at the centre of their priorities and decision-making processes.

54 North solutions portfolio is a mix of analytics and application software, advanced AI-technology (reinforcement learning), and consulting services that enable retailers to establish, manage and execute the desired pricing policy and price image; create and execute effective and profitable promotions and margin-efficient clearance strategies; easily optimise stock with dynamic allocation and replenishment profiles (no parameters!); boost engagement with real-time customer analytics and personalisation; and increase the accuracy of their sales forecasts, inventory plans and marketing programmes with weather-driven demand profiling.


We work with retailers in all sectors, from large, multi-nationals to single market retailers, primarily across Europe and North America.

Commercial Flexibility

All our solutions are modular so can be implemented in phases or just pick the relevant module to enhance an existing system or business process.

*   All have successful implementations;
*   Are low cost to operate - options to license or hosted/SaaS;
*   Are quick to deploy - get started with a pilot, see value early;
*   Are highly scalable - flexibility to start small, grow at your pace;


Solution Portfolio

Price Management, Execution & Optimisation

Promotions Management, Execution & Optimisation

Markdown Management, Execution & Optimisation

Vendor/Supplier Deals Management

Stock Optimisation

(Dynamic Allocation & Replenishment Profiles)

Demand Forecasting

(Basic Item, Promotional Uplift, Sell-Thru Forecasting)

Demand Analytics 

(Price Elasticity, Clustering, Cannibalisation, Halo)


Demand Profiling

(Seasonal, Size, Allocation, Price Zone Profiles)

Customer Analytics & Personalisation

Weather-Driven Demand Profiling

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